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  Victoria Elizabeth Salazar


Victoria Elizabeth Salazar has been dancing since she was three years of age. She has studied ballet, tap, hip-hop, jazz, and modern dance at Dance Gallery Studios. Later on she discovered a sport that combined her dance abilities and athleticism.

She joined her elementary and middle school cheerleading squad where she later was hired to coach and choreograph their routines. Victoria has been a part of the St. Brendan High School Varsity Cheerleading Squad since her freshmen year. The squad has achieved Grand and National Champion Status since her arrival as well as years before.

She has competed in individual competitions and has also taken the gold. Victoria Elizabeth is currently a Senior at St. Brendan High School where she has the honor of being the editor and chief of her yearbook as well as maintaining high academic standards. She is also a member of two honor societies and attends a variety of school functions.

In addition to practicing with her team at the Encore Cheer and Dance Company, she has been privileged to volunteer with the Mini Stars All Star Team. She is looking forward to working with the Living Dolls Dance Factory Studio and has many ideas and dreams for the coming years


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