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  Rickey Pierre II


Rickey Pierre II was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas with an undying love for sports. As an extremely ambitious person, he knew that he was destined for greater things outside the state lines of Kansas. In a huge leap of faith with the support of his family, he went as far away from home as possible to attend his dream school, the University of Miami.

Thrown into a new environment, Rickey was anxious to try any and everything possible. His attention was caught early in his freshman year of college when he saw that a coed hip-hop team at the University of Miami by the name of “KAOS” was hosting auditions. Never having danced or taken a class before Rickey was intrigued and decided at the last second to audition for the team. Three days later he found himself dancing choreography for the first time in his life as a member of KAOS. Over the next 4 years the kid who had never danced before quickly found himself falling in love. He choreographed his first routine his sophomore year and by senior year was the president and lead choreographer.

As a proud Alum of the University of Miami, the 22 year old aspires to be a sports agent in Major League Baseball while leaving the door open for whatever opportunity dance may have in store for him. On top of already having a choreographer credit for a music video by Florida artists Brisco & Skky, Rickey will be dancing in the fourth installment of the hit movie series, Step Up 4.

“Dance is my escape. It gives me an opportunity to be whoever I want to be and allows me to convey through movement and feeling what I can’t always put into words,” says Rickey. Currently developing his own style, he lists Ferly Prado, Brian Puspos, Shaun Evaristo, and all the KAOS members he has danced with as his biggest dance inspirations. As he continues to get accustomed to the world he never thought was possible, Rickey is just focused on having the time of his life…which can clearly be reflected in his demeanor and choreography. LDDF is proud to have him join the family!


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