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  Evanna Elisa Casanova


Evanna Elisa Casanova began her ballet training at the young age of three under the training of Vivian Tobio and Vivien Sainz. Evanna received numerous gold medals at national competitions. She later went on to become a member of Liana Navarro's Selected Workshop, an advanced ballet company, where she continued on with her intensive ballet training.

In addition, Evanna was a member of the world renowned Top Gun All-Stars training center, where she was instructed by Jose Gonzalez and Kristen Rosario. Here, she trained vigorously in both dance and competitive cheerleading, which included thorough training in acrobats and gymnastics. Evanna has choreographed for several charity events, including La Liga Contra el Cancer, Ventro Mater, Honey Shine, Amigos for Kids, Hugs and Kisses, Corpus Christi, as well as for Lourdes Academy, Dade Christian, Our Lady of the Lakes, and the Playground Theater.

Evanna also assisted Martica and Janet for the Miami Heat Dancers Clinics in 2010. She has choreographed several cheerleading routines for Westminster Christian School and was the dance instructor for Somerset Academy. Evanna attended Miami Dade College, where she was a member of the Miami Dade Jubilation and was under the instruction of Michelle Grant Murray. She is now studying at the Florida International University where she is receiving her Bachelor Degree in Marketting.


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